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Terms & Conditions

Kate Roberts Hypnotherapy is sole trader and Kate Roberts is a Registered Hypnotherapist with the General Hypnotherapy Register and ACCPH and bound by the standards of these governing bodies. 

We are not liable for any effects or damages caused by the use or misuse of information on this website or from services provided as a result of accessing this website. This does not affect your statutory rights.

If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must immediately stop using the site. Users of this site and users of the services of Kate Roberts any and all recordings take full responsibility for all outcomes.

The services listed on this website are in no way a substitute for personal evaluation with your doctor who can give you a definitive diagnosis of any symptoms. Always consult your doctor regarding your symptoms prior to using our services.


Sessions are confidential, and approval will be obtained if another health care professional needs to be involved.
If there is a risk of self-harm or suicide, then we are bound by a duty of care to inform your doctor without any further permission for your own safety. If criminal activity is disclosed, then this cannot be treated as confidential.

All records are kept securely and apart from your initial contact page, other notes will only reference a number and your first name.

No credit card information is held as this is only collected and used by SumUp, we do not see your payment details.

Cookies are small snippets of non-personal information used to track our web visitors. This may be used by sites such as Google or PayPal to provide statistics and an improved service. You have the option of not accepting Cookies when you first visit the Home page.

Sessions And Fees

Session durations may vary but an approximate expectation is 60-90 minutes. There is a minimum fee per session (see Fees).

Payment is due either by cash, debit or credit card or Paypal. 

We use a SumUp card reader which is secure and we do not have access to any of your card details. Rates may change at any time.

Cancellation or Changes to Appointments

If you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment, then you must give 48 hours' notice or else full payment will be required. We will always try to avoid cancelling or rearranging your appointment, but in the event that it is necessary we will re-arrange to the next available appointment time.

Termination Of Sessions
In the event a client chooses to discontinue a pre-paid course of hypnotherapy no refunds will be given. 


We reserve the right to end your hypnotherapy at any time.


We are not liable in any way with regard to the accuracy, completeness or current validity of any information contained on this website, or in any links provided to external websites.

We are not liable in any way for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the content given on this website.


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