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Banish Anxiety With Hypnotherapy

Anxiety can be quite a broad diagnosis with one individuals symptoms being quite different to another's. If you suffer from anxiety you may have noticed some or all of the following symptoms:

A churning feeling in your stomach Feeling light-headed or dizzy Pins and needles Feeling restless or unable to sit still Headaches, backache or other aches and pains Faster breathing A fast, thumping or irregular heartbeat Sweating or hot flushes

Shaky vision Sleep problems

Racing thoughts

Uncontrollable worries/ intrusive thoughts Grinding or clenching your teeth, especially at night Nausea (feeling sick) Needing the toilet more or less often Changes in your sex drive Having panic attacks

Anxiety can be debilitating and it can be difficult to seek help from others. The good new is that hypnosis is amazing at curing anxiety, in fact that is what made me get into hypnosis in the first place, I personally used hypnotherapy to cure mine and it worked very effectively and surprisingly quickly.

There are many forms of Anxiety, here are just a few:

Social anxiety – this means you experience extreme fear or anxiety triggered by social situations (such as parties, workplaces, or everyday situations where you have to talk to another person). It is also known as social phobia.

Panic disorder – this means having regular or frequent panic attacks without a clear cause or trigger. Experiencing panic disorder can mean that you feel constantly afraid of having another panic attack, to the point that this fear itself can trigger your panic attacks.

Phobias – a phobi